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Digital Combustion Management System / O2 Trim and Speed Control for Efficiency and Cost Reduction

The obsolete mechanically linked fuel and air supply systems driven by a single servo motor had poor control and reproducibility of settings because of wear and tear and play. Now Weishaupt research provides 4 different stepping motors ( gas supply / oil supply / air supply and fuel – air mixing system ) all controlled by a Burner Management System WFM 200 with an indicating and setting display unit This system has number of advantages as shown below:

Burner Management System WFM 200 comprises of:

  • Linkage free Electronic Compound Regulation
  • Display and control unit
  • Inbuilt Valve Proving system
  • Inbuilt load controller
  • Infrared based flame supervision
  • O2 % control
  • Speed Control

The excess air for combustion is indicated by Oxygen content of flue gases and the requirement of oxygen changes due to several factors like

  • Air Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Pr changes in combustion chamber
  • Changes in fuel calorific value
  • Variations in fuel pressure
  • O2 % control
  • Speed Control

The O2 trim system monitors and controls oxygen under all this conditions.

The fan speed control permits to control air supply at lower loads without using dampers with high closure and this can save electrical energy substantially for low load working this is achieved by Variable Frequency Drive system - VFD


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