Dual bloc Burner

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Dual Bloc Burner

Weishaupt WK type industrial burners were developed to meet special industrial and commercial requirements. The burners are suited for operation with or without preheated combustion air as required. Very high flue gas temperatures occur on many industrial processes (e.g. thermal fluid boilers) due to the high media temperatures. A considerable amount of energy can be recovered from the hot flue gases by using a heat exchanger in the flue gas system to recover the heat. This technology can result in improvements in Efficiency of up to 8 %.


Fuel Models Capacity , kW
OIL WK 40 - 80 450 – 17500
GAS WK 40 - 80 450 - 17500
DUAL FUEL WK 40 - 80 450 - 17500


The burners alter their capacity proportionally, depending on the heat requirement. Depending on the type of control the burner is either:

  • Sliding two stage (basic version)
  • Modulating

The burners can be used on heating appliances such as, steam boilers, air heaters, Thermic fluid Heater. The burners are used in particular on modern boilers with high ratings as they can overcome high combustion chamber pressures.


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