we are AAG Groups

AAG groups is an evolvement of engineering based trading culture, which has enabled customer relationship management to be well established. It is proud moment to be known as an organization which has very strong and wide engineering base. It has taken persistent efforts as part of vision to take this organization to this level. This is an advantage which shall never be compromised. We can only develop on this strength and move further up the ladder. We have also proved our credentials to our international suppliers that we are performance based organization with strong process in place. The future challenges of attracting and retaining engineering talents is not going to be easy one, but we have never had it easy in our growth.

We now need to deliberately plan and move towards combustion engineering solutions provider and not product seller. It is this endeavor of us which will take us to newer levels, from where we shall never look back.


AAG Group plans to develop capability through People Development, to service combustion engineering requirements in the whole country by starting Training Centers.


AAG Group to be recognized within the first three combustion engineering equipment and solution provider in the country.

Business Objective

  • To be Solution Provider First and Equipment Provider Later.
  • Concentrate on Savings and Funding of the equipment through Return on Investment.
  • Ensure Eco Friendly Safe Operations.
  • Ensure Calibrated and automated heating systems.
  • Systems developed for automatic audits and checks.
  • Ensure zero downtime through servicing and spares provision.
  • Make buyer expert in the product to ensure repeat orders.
  • Develop engineering attitude in the organization.
  • Ensure Reliability Engineering is well adapted.
  • Create more customer diversity year by year.